Tuesday, December 12, 2006

rainy day at home 2

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rainy day at home...

the day after his 8th birthday party... relaxing at home Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

flying pixie

I just had my second photo accepted in FILE Magazine... Very exciting. I really love this photography site and am really glad to be added as a contributor. The link to the site is www.filemagazine.com It is a photography site not to be missed. You can find me under Contributors - Mccarrick. This photo is of my little niece being held up high by her mom. Taken through the viewfinder of my kodak duaflex with my fuji e900.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Big Pig really curious as to what I have in my hand... Posted by Picasa

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He had more strange stares because of this t-shirt? Posted by Picasa

Aidan jumping at the State Fair Posted by Picasa

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Monday, June 26, 2006

sunshine on aidan

sun top of head
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Browsing through my sets on FLICKR I was glad to see that I had some of my older snapshots of the kids... I love this one of Aidan. It was taken when he was just learning to crawl. I can still remember the way his hair felt and smelled. There is nothing like the softness of baby hair...


Friday, December 30, 2005

Let's forget NEW YEARS and Celebrate Halloween


WHAT?????? So it's after Christmas and two days before NEW YEARS and I am posting halloween pictures. I could be posting things from years back but I figure the memories might worsen my feeling of melancholy. The New Year does this to me. I get choked up and and feel sad for no special reason. ummm... SO, HERE'S TO HALLOWEEN!

Aidan's scary face

Restless at the pumpkin patch... "Gramma Sue", Aidan, Brandon and Nolan waiting patiently for the hay ride to GO.

the Red Power Ranger and Cowboy Blue

Creepy yard decor...

Nolan and Mike at Fairytale Town

Aidan and his cousin Brandon

Carving Pumpkins... way ahead of schedule. We had rotten pumpkins two weeks before Halloween and had to get more...

King of the World

aidan "king of the world" Posted by Picasa I love this picture.

My kids REALLY are cute.

aidan and nolan at the pumpkin farm Posted by Picasa

1000+ on the computer 0 printed...

Why is it that I can never seem to use my Fancy Archival quality Epson printer to print out the thousands of pictures I have taken? You know what it is? I am afraid of using all the ink up. What if need ink to print out some art? What if it runs out? It is this weird ink saving obsession that has left the 7 brand new photo albums I have bought over the years completely empty. I am seriously anxious about printing too many and running out, then needing the printer for something important before I can afford to buy more ink cartridges. But, then again, I don't want to pay someone money to print less than perfect quality images... I am so anal. Does anyone else worry about ink so obsessively? I am sure it it is an irrational fear, but let's just say someone orders a print, OVERNIGHT shipping wanted... I print it out only to have the printer FLASH THE low ink WARNING SIGN! I print it any way and it gets half way printed ok. Then here come the lines... the lines that ruin the whole print. Then an awful scenario to imagine... I have overdrawn our bank account, the credit card won't work, and I can't buy ink today? What if? So I'll sit and stare at my pretty Epson printer and save the ink for something really important... hahaha...